About BCA-Notes

Hello and welcome to BCANotes, the best website for beginners and with abundance of subjects related to computer science.

At BCANotes our ultimate goal is to provide easy and simple notes that are easy to understand for students. Currently we're offering a lot of subjects such as Programming in c, c++, java, management-information-system, information technology etcetera.

Have you ever asked these questions yourself?

  • How I can find appropriate programms of C and C++?
  • How I can start creating programs by own?
  • How I can find all subjects of BCANotes under same roof?

If you have these questions, then you're in right place.

Why BCA-Notes(our story)

My name is Hardeep Singh, and I'm the founder of BCA-Notes.

The BCA-Notes story begins back in 2010 when I was a college student. I first discovered HTML(language that browser understands) while I was working with my friend who had great knowledge about technical stuff.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this programming language. In 2011, I started learning html language along with css and I was very happy when I had created my first webpage by own.

After practicing this language for some time I had got a good grip on it and I wanted to create a website. Therefore, I decided to create one but on what?.

Here the idea of creating a website came into reality. Since I was a student and pursuing BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application) and therefore I immediately decided to create a website on subjects of BCA and I named it as BCANotes.com

On 11th september, 2011 I launched BCANotes.com and since then BCA-Notes has become well known name in the industry.