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At this time, we are not accepting files directly from our website. But wait, you can still help!

Don't loose your hope, you can still send your files at support@bcanotes.com as long as you follow our terms and conditions.

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Terms And Conditions

1. Do not upload Copyrighted contents: - Please do not upload copyrighted contents, in order to respect the law. You are welcome to upload your contents. You can help us to make our site better. We are here to help you, please respect the copy rights laws.

2. File Size: - You can upload files up to 20 Mb, more than 20 Mb will be rejected. We've reduced the upload limit, because we noticed most of users were misusing this and some of files were copy righted, which are opposite to our terms and conditions. If your notes have more than 20 Mb data, Don't worry, please contact us, we will happy to help you.

3. Do not upload malware files: - If any body found, uploading malware contents in js or any executable files, he /she will be blacklisted for future access and can't use our services again and may face law by DMCA.

4. What we do not guarantee: - We do not guarantee that all of your files, uploaded on bacnotes.com will be published with your name. We will manually review your notes, after reviewed, if your notes looks good and helpful for user, then we'll be very happy to publish that notes on bcanotes.com with your name.

5. Restriction on uploading file: - User only can upload files using following formats, which are related to our website. There are some formats which are allowed for upload . User can only upload pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, txt, rar, html, jpg, jpeg, png, gif . If User want to upload in another format please contact us, we will happy to help you.